Pay-Per Click Account Set Up & Management by a Google Certified Staff Guaranteed.

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Clients Spending in excess of $6,500.00 per day with us because we can/have/are producing 500%+ ROI/ROAS.

Here at Proxy1Media we Guarantee
that your PPC account will be managed by at least 3 people!

"Don't let an intern manage your PPC campaigns".


Pay-Per Click Account Set Up & Management by a Google Certified Staff Guaranteed.

PPC Setup & Management Includes:

  • Analysis of your business objective
  • Campaign setup
  • Keyword research & expert level bid management
  • Negative keyword research to filter unwanted traffic
  • Keyword match typing & optimization
  • Competitor research & benchmarking
  • Initial ad copy research and copy writing
  • Split testing (to test your ad copy for best impact)
  • Google analytics
  • profile setup
  • goals setup
  • advanced filters setup
  • funnels setup
  • Landing page development, evaluation, and analysis of traffic
  • Weekly campaign progress report
  • Tracking ROI
We Build Your:

Landing Pages: Sample1, Sample2, Sample3.
Web Banner Ads:Sample1, Sample2, Sample3.

Why you need expert PPC Management:

Since its introduction in 1998, pay per click advertising has evolved its own elaborate technology. In fact, it's what created the revenue stream that built Google. The upshot: technology, complexity, constant change. Even expert online marketers don't have the time, expertise, or patience to manage an effective PPC campaign. It requires background, focus, continued analysis, and correct 'steerage' as the campaign moves forward (or the rules change.) This means you need a whole team behind you'one that has the background, the skills, the time, and your best interests in mind. And one that will be totally accountable for results.

The Proxy1Media Difference:

What distinguishes P1M from the competition is our extensive knowledge of Internet marketing, from A to Z and our values:

  • We are absolutely customer-centered. We listen. We interact.
  • We like technology, and we stay on top of it.
  • We are transparent: we show you what, how, and why we do things.

ALL of Your PPC Accounts

will be handled by a Project Manager, A Google-Certified Reporting PPC Manager, and person/s that complete the actual PPC tasks.

Company Credentials:

A Company with has achieved Microsoft Gold, CMMI Level 3, and ISO 9001:2000 certifications, as well as Google Adwords and Yahoo Ambassador Qualified.


For Search campaigns, the detailed Search query, traffic generating key phrases etc. report is analyzed on daily basis. Non relevant search queries (key phrases) are introduced as negative matches. Relevant search queries are introduced into the Ad Words campaigns as Exact match key phrases.

For Content campaigns, the Placement performance report is studied. Steps are taken to increase traffic from relevant Placements(websites). Non relevant placements websites are blocked.

Bid management- Bid management is done at Keyword and Placement level to maintain optimal position so that the metrics of CTR, Avg. cost per click, and cost per conversion remain in check.

Ad Copy Management and Split Testing of Ad Copies- Ad groups are set up so that there are at least 2 active Ad copies. Performance of the 2 Ad Copies is evaluated and the better performing Ad Copy is continued and the other Ad Copy is paused.

Google Third Party Disclosure here
Please don't judge our PPC Capability Based on our Website Design.
We are Search Engine Marketers not "Designers" Huge Difference.

Call Tracking By Google & Mongoose
Adaptive Multivariate Testing (AMT) / Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) by Hi Conversion

Case Studies

Proxy1Media's PPC Team Works Miracles in first 30days of New Adwords Account:

Generating almost 4 x the Leads at the same time
Cutting the Cost Per Acquisition/Lead (CPA) in more than half

Proxy1Media's PPC team Helps Local Auto Reseller Remain an industry leader on Google.

1st 30 Day Achievements:

  • The cost per conversion/cost per lead has decreased to less than half of what it was in the immediate period prior to Proxy1's PPC Team taking over the campaign.
  • The conversions/leads per day have increased in spite of the PPC budget/day being reduced by more than half.
  • The campaign has been made more specific i.e. the keywords and ad copies have made more specific to attract the nature of leads that the client requires

BEFORE P1M October 1st 2011 ' Oct 21st
AFTER P1M Oct 21st 2011 ' Nov 20th

Steps launched to improve Quality of conversions:

  • The campaigns and ad groups were restructured. Keywords were properly organized. Split AB testing between different ad copies was set up at ad group level.
  • New Ad Copies and Keywords were introduced in the Ad Words campaign to improve the quality of leads. From business perspective, preference is for a 2000 and up year car seller. 'wrecked, damaged, nice, used, nearly new cars' are the leads that are client's top preference.
  • Geo targeted campaigns were set up to specifically target the relatively better performing states.
  • The Google Analytics tracking was implemented with proper goal tracking so that the performance of PPC traffic on the website could be closely monitored.
  • Historical Google AdWords and Google Analytics data for the clients other websites was carefully reviewed. This exercise revealed new keywords which could be included in the ad words campaign for current site.

Growing an Adwords Account 225% in the Finance Industry

The particular Proxy1Media Case Study is from a client we care to keep secret but will share their account success in terms of growth, spend and conversions. This particular account is one of many we are managing for our 'Finance Client' that has done very well. Without even looking at where or what the conversion is ' we will simply look at account growth (Spend) and overall cost per Conversion/Lead.

Have a look for yourself:
Proxy1Media's PPC team Helps Local Auto Reseller Remain an industry leader on Google.

1st 30 Day Achievements:

90% of our Pay-Per-Click Accounts come from Clients that have had prior PPC Managers or Agencies that failed miserably. PPC has a notorious 'Bad Rap' for not being productive in the Search Engine Marketing Realm when in actually it is the number one 'Vehicle' for many industries that converts to clients. It's fair to say this client is Ecstatically Happy with our Current PPC management and will remain a long-lasting profitable client!

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