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Competitive Analysis & Intelligence

Proxy1Media uses IBP Software for all Online Competitive Intelligence.

From business cards to the complex execution of a multi-level branding strategy, we can help.

IBP helps us analyze your competitor's online positions according to your chosen keywords or thematic keyword clusters. This allows us to execute the necessary on-and off-page SEO techniques helping you outrank your competitors.

Post-Click Optimization with HiConversion Services

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is all about the performance of your website. CRO combines Marketing knowledge, creative design, people, and technology to achieve one single goal: maximize the number of web visitors who convert into measurable business results. A relatively small investment into CRO produces an exponential ROI in almost every case.

HiConversion’s patent-pending Adaptive Multi Variate Optimization (AMVO) method leverages intelligent search to present different page combinations, measure visitor reactions, and converge to a winning page combination in real-time.

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